VOLMER BAHNER (DANISH 1912-1995)  
Volmer Bahner was born on September 15th in Frederica, Denmark. Bahmer was a pupil of Utzon Frank and he graduated from the Industrial Arts and Crafts College in 1930. He received several scholarships and awards and participated in various exhibitions;Ronge 1931, 36; Bielke 1935; Helmet Star Rosenerone 1939, 41 Exhibitions: Charleville. 1934-41 (8 G. m. 15 Arb); Charleville. Eft. 1939; Artist. Eft. 1932-39; Skulpturudst. in Haveselskabets Garden 1941. Many of his works are represented at the Kunstindustrimuseet, the Danish Museum of Art and Design. Bahner created many works in bronze and ceramic, such as the following works:
Female Head (Bronze Bust, Fyn Stiftsmus., Per Carlsson 1937); Female Head (1938, fired clay, Maribo Museum); Sports Girl (1937, Bronze, Niels's College, Ollerup). Portrait busts, a Bronze Bust of Princess Helena ( Charleville. 1938, Prince Harald's Orphanage) and his Portrait Studio of works also created in 1938. Volmer Bahner is also very well known for his fine modernist and naturalist inspired enameled silver jewelry designs which he created at his own silver workshop.
Reference: Weilbachs Kunstnerleksikon
Volmer Bahner (Danish, 1912-1995)"Young Boy" Signed and dated 1935, bronze on wood base
Dimensions: 20 inches high