Carl Kauba ( Austrian, 1865-1922)" Mozart",unsigned, bronze
Dimensions: 8in high
"Uncle Sam" circa 1930,carved wood
Dimensions: 10&1/2in high

Hermann Eichberg (German, circa 1910) antique "Blind Justice", signed, finely detailed  bronze figure of blindfolded 'Justice' holding an ornate sword and scales, mounted on a dark brown/green columnar marble base.
Dimensions: Total height  11 & 1/2 inches.,
Note : Hermann Eichberg also made a smaller hood ornament  version of this sculpture in bronze that sold at Bonhams automobilia auction in Paris 2010 ( lacking scales) for $5,500

A circa 1910 Vienna bronze polychromed sculpture of Andromeda chained to a rock base, no visible signature but highly likely to be by Carl Kauba
Dimensions: Total height 14 inches.
Vilim Amort (Czech 1864 -1913) An amusing bronze of a naked girl holding a hoop, at her feet a grotesque half man, half scorpion clings to a rock in a tortured pose. Signed and with the K.Bartak foundry inscription. Circa 1910
Dimensions: Total height 20&1/2 inches.
Jan Vitezslav Dusek (Czech 1891-1966) "Hercules" Monumental bronze sculpture circa 1925 signed and with foundry marks for Franta Anyz. Dusek studied in Vienna in 1914 and in the early 1920's at the Academie de la grand Chaumiere Paris. He also studied with Emile Antoine Bourdelle in Paris before returning to Prague in 1924. Art competitions were held as part of the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany. Medals were awarded in five categories, architecture, literature, music, painting, and sculpture , for works inspired by sport-related themes. Jan Vitezslav Dusek chose perhaps his most iconic work the present sculpture of  “Hercules” for consideration in this prestigious competition.  In 1936 this sculpture was exhibited at the Berlin Olympics exhibit number 864. There are 3 photos in existence of this "Hercules" sculpture during the period when it was exhibited at the 1936 Olympics and was photographed there by Dusek's lifelong friend, Czech photographer Josef Jindrich. (Both Dusek and Jindrich attended the Berlin Olympics in 1936).  A link is included below to the web page where the three 1936 photos of Hercules at the Berlin Exhibition can be viewed .
Dimensions:Total height 44 inches, by 19 inches in length, by 6 &1/2 inches in width
Dominique Alonzo (attributed)( French early 20th Century ) Student of Falguire and a frequent exhibitor at the Paris Salon. A large and rare bronze and ivory group depicting Pan and a Muse. Pan sit slasciviously gazing at a female Bacchanalian figure holding a bunch of grapes dancing in front of him, the base strewn with fruit and a basket.  Foundry registration number typical of Alonzo sculptures. Gold patination.
Dimensions: Total height 14 & 1/2 inches by 12 inches in width by 8 inches in depth.
Louis-Ernest Barrias (French 1841-1905) “La Dance” An allegorical figure of   music and dance.   A rare bronze sculpture signed E.Barrias circa 1880, the base inscribed Susse Fres Edit Paris and also with foundry seal and a stamped letter P   underneath the foundry seal.  
Dimensions: Total height 19&3/4 inches by 16&3/4 inches in width.
Charles William Ayton (American Born around 1879) "O-kiku-san" Madame Chrysantheme.   Ayrton was an American sculptor from St Louis MO, Studied in Paris and exhibited at the 1904 Great Exhibition of St Louis.  This bronze is inspired by the exotic book Madame Chrysantheme by Pierre Loti of 1887 . Superb green/ brown patina, signed and inscribed Paris and with foundry marks for Barbedienne Fondeur.
Dimensions: Height 17 inches by 11 inches in width
Jozsef Batki (Hungarian 1878-1948) Dominican Saint circa 1910 bronze sculpture signed with artists monogram
Dimensions: Height 14&3/4 inches.
Aldo Bartelletty, ( French / Italian 1898-1976) . Unique Carrara  marble bust  of Ludwig Van Beethoven Signed and dated.1944. Exhibitor at the Salon des Independants and the Societe des Artistes Francais from 1920onwards. Honorable mention in 1924 and 1941.
Dimensions: Total height 11&3/4 inches. Width of marble  8&1/4 inches. Height of marble base 3&1/2 inches


Eugene Desire Piron (French1875-1928) Bacchanalian Wine Dance, circa 1920. Signed bronze, olive green/brown patinaed figural group on an unusual striated green marble base.
Dimensions:Total height 13&1/2 (includes 1 &1/2 inch marble base) by 10&1/4 in length 
Rinaldo Carnielo (Italian 1853-1910) "Lucifero and Faunessa", bronze signed and dated 1879, Unique bronze cast.
Dimensions: Length 35 &1/2 inches, by 20 inches in width, by 14 inches in height

Unsigned Czech bronze of "Mucius the Roman" Circa 1915
Dimensions: Height 12&1/2 inches
A pair of  highly detailed Art Nouveau Vienna bronze cold painted busts of "ASTARTE " and "STELLA", circa 1910.
Dimensions: Total height 3 inches by 2 &3/4 inches in width
Paul Sturm (German 1859-1936) . A very rare and unusual signed and dated (1927) Majolica glazed earthenware figural sculpture entitled "Tritonen". The sculpture is  modeled as a lascivious Triton and a (sea nymph) Nereid.
Paul Sturm studied sculpture at the Academy of Beaux-Arts in both Lyon and Leipzig and also studied  in Munich, Zurich  and  Lausanne.  He was a sculptor, medalist, stone and wood cutter from Leipzig and a close friend of Carl Friedrich Chun, the marine biologist. Sturm created the ceramic sculpture of  sea creatures and nymphs commemorating Chun's undersea voyages of  1898-1899. From 1908 to 1919 Paul Sturm  was the Professor for sculpture at the Dresden State Academy before Sturm moved to Berlin.
Examples of Sturm's  works are  illustrated in the Kunst and Decoration Volume 27 1910 of Werner Weigand and Klausen Kass. Other known sculptures by Sturm are of Richard Wagner and Albert Konig. The Kunstsammlungen Museum in Chemnitz has an example of Sturm's works in their sculpture collection -- an important collection of European sculpture with over 200 examples ( which also includes works by Rodin, Kolbe, Maillol, Degas, Barlach, Blumenthal, de Fiori, Lehmbruck, Marcks, Minne, and von Stuck). "The Studio  (An  Illlustrated Magazine of  Fine and Applied Art)" Vol 40 of  1907 also depicts examples of works by Paul Sturm.
Dimensions: Length 22 inches by width 10 inches by height 10 inches
After Claude- Michel Clodion French 1738-1814)"Bachante Aux Cymbales", (A Nymph playing cymbals) A  French cast silver figure attributed to Clodion  circa 1880.  A semi -nude Bacchante, with vine leaves in her hair  playing cymbals set on a rouge marble base . Marks for silver maker A .Lebon within a lozenge that includes another unidentified device and one other poincon mark  next to the lozenge.
Dimensions: Height of figure alone 15 inches .Total height 17 &1/2 inches

Matthias Bechtold (German 1886-1940) A highly unusual and sexually charged bronze sculpture of a lascivious satyr, flicking his tongue in erotic abandon as he gazes into the eyes of a rapturous nymph. He cups her breast in his left hand, while cracking her thigh with his right hand as he mounts her from the rear. The nymph gazes upward while tightly clasping the satyr's right ear and pulling him downward in erotic abandon.
Signed and dated 1919.
Dimensions : Total height 10 inches by 10 inches in width.
Carl Neuhaus (German 1881-) "Diana Queen of the Amazons" Signed and dated 1919 with Dusseldorf (his home town) on the base.
Dimensions: Total height 15&1/4 inches 14 &1/4 inches in length
Carl Brose (German 1880-?) Unsigned bronze of Hercules circa 1910
Dimensions:Total height 12 inches.
Paul Ludwig Kowalczewski (German 1865-1910)  The Seduction of Danae . Unsigned bronze sculpture without a base.
Dimensions: Width 11 inches by7 &1/2 inches in height by 7 &1/4 inches in depth.
Eastern European Corpus Czech or Polish? circa 1910
Dimensions: Total height 31 inches. Height of Corpus alone 23 inches by 14 inches in width
Francesco Giuseppe Thyllmani (Italian, 1862-1936) A very rare late 19th /early 20th century bronze monumental in the realist Italian school, Satyr drinking wine.  Apparently unsigned.
Dimensions: Height of bronze 32 inches by 22 inches in width by 19 inches in depth
Jan Stursa (Czech, 1880 -1925) A painted plaster figure of the poet Karel Hlavacek from 1909, signed. Dimensions: Total height 14 inches by 7 inches in width by 7 inches in depth.
German or Austrian circa 1919 bronze sculpture of muscular semi-nude male in a loin cloth hurling a rock, possibly portraying Samson or Hercules.
High quality cast on a striated back marble base. Antique green/ brown patina.
Dimensions: Height 10 &1/4 inches

Jan Stursa (Czech, 1880 -1925) A painted plaster head of the Czech actor Eduard Vojan, signed and dated 1919, also inscribed Vojan . Possibly from the artists atelier.
Dimensions: Total height 16&1/2 inches.
Hans Muller (German 1874 -1947) "Beethoven" Life size signed bronze bust
Dimensions: Height 17&1/2 inches by 10 inches in length
Hans Muller (German 1874-1947) Bronze portrait bust of Beethoven circa 1900.
Dimensions: Total height 5 inches.
Jean Jacques Pradier (French ,1792 -1852) signed Pradier " Sappho", black marble & two color patinaed gold and dark brown bronze, Susse Freres foundry seal, some gilding Dimensions: 22in high and 17&1/2in wide clock, both urns 17&1/2in high, 7&3/4in wide
Jean Jacques Pradier (French 1792-1852) bronze signed J. Pradier, "Sappho", patinaed in contrasting shades of brown , Susse Freres foundry seal
Dimensions: Height 15 &1/2 inches by 18 inches in length
Vienna bronze circa 1910 "Persephone", polychrome and gilt on marble base, indicipherable foundry mark
Dimensions: Total height 22 inches, height of figure alone18 inches, width 8&1/2 inches

Adolfo Cipriani ( Italian, circa 1890)"Mona Lisa", carved alabaster
Dimensions: 15in high, 13&3/4in long
Vienna bronze. (Austrian Circa 1900)"Mephistopheles",unsigned bronze on marble base
Dimensions: Height 8& 3/4 inches

Austrian (19th Century) Neoclassical pair of busts, cold-pained bronze on onyx bases" Ecce Homo" & " Mater Dolorosa"
Dimensions: 9&3/4in high
Austrian, 19th century, probably Carl Kauba, unsigned, "Livingston I Presume",cold painted bronze
Dimensions: 6&3/4in high
Sandor Mateka (Hungarian 1890-?) bust of Christ on wood base in the Expressionist style. Signed and dated 1929 (Two small losses to the crown of thorns).
Dimensions: Total height 13&1/2 inches. Height of base alone4 &1/2 inches (losses to corners)
Pompeo Marchesi (Italian, 1789- 1858) " Goethe" after the monument at the library in Frankfurt dated 1838
Dimensions: 20in high, 9in wide, 14&1/2in long
19th Century After Michelangelo Buonarrotti (1475-1564) Lorenzo di Medici (after  the marble model). Founders mark of Ferdinand. Barbedienne and the seal `Reduction Mecanique - A.Collas - Brevete. Circa 1890. Dark brown patina.
Dimensions: Height 14 inches
Karl Mader , (German 1926-2004) carved wood sculpture signed and dated 1952.
Dimensions: Height 28 inches by 14 inches in width
Giuseppe Grandi (Italian 1848-1894) "Cesare Beccaria", Bronze,titled,
Circa 1870. (Illustrated page 554 Italian sculptors by Vicario)

Dimensions:Total height 18&3/4 inches.
Herbert Kallem (American 1909-1994) "Icarus", unique sculpture fabricated from bronze, brass and steel
Dimensions:Total height 21 inches by 9 inches in length, height of wood base alone 2 &1/2 inches
Louis Kley (French 1833- 1911) .Bronze circa 1890 signed pen holder of an amusing putto holding a pointed hat standing on fringed stool whispering to a stoic lawyer in the shape of a letter seal .
Dimensions: Height 6 inches
Carl Flink (German 1899-1936)."Fountain of the Satyr" A Bronze life size bust originally for use as a fountain, now mounted on a marble base, signed and with foundry mark from Mannheim.
Dimensions: Height of bronze 15& 1/2 inches by 12 & 1/2 inches in widthby 6 & 1/2 inches in depth. Marble 15x8x1 inches
(Italian circa 1900) Alabaster, unsigned " Mignon"
Dimensions: 11 inches high, by 12 inches long
Franciszek Strynkiewicz, (Polish 1893-1996) “Josef Klemens Pilsudski" This three times life size modernist sculpture was exhibited in Warsaw in 1936. (Bronze sculpture on stone base.)
Dimensions:Total height 28 inches, by 11 inches in width by 15 inches in depth. Height of marble alone 8 inches.