Alfano was born on the 11th of November, 1864 in Naples. He was a student of the famous painters Domenico Morelli and Giuseppi Palizzi and attended the Accademia di Belle Arti, where he rolex replica watches later became a professor. Alfano was considered both a painter and a sculptor. He is considered one of the most interesting artists of the school of Italian realism. He abandoned classical forms in favor of more naturalistic forceful depictions of intense emotions. He had both firece enemies and strong supporters of his work in Italy. Alfano was very well received when he fake rolex emigrated to America in 1898, attracted by the offers of various commissions. In 1902 he was given a Pensylvania Capitol commission, which was create two monumental sculptural groups for the entranceways inside the main vestibule in Harrisburg. The front exterior of United States Customs House in New York features a giant cartouche depicting the shield of the United States, with a omega replica serene head of Columbia, sculpted byVincenzo Alfano in 1903. Alfano was named an honorary professor of the Royal Acadamy of Naples and was also a professor of The industrial Museum of New York.

Ref: E. Benezit Dictionnaire des Peintres Sculpteurs Dessinateurs et Graveurs 1999 edition, Pennsyvania Capitol Preservation Committee

Vincenzo Alfano (Italian 1854-1918) "David". Bronze sculpture signed, dated 1887 and inscribed Napoli. Another identical example was Exhibited in Venice in 1887 and was bought by the National Gallery of Rome for their permanent collection. The sculpture also won The Prix du Concours of Naples 1901. Alfano is recognised as the most important sculptor of The Italian Realist School.
In 1902 he moved to New York and his stone sculptures can be seen on buildings in New York, Coney Island, Maine and also in Philadelphia. Superb quality lost wax casting.
Dimensions: Total height 27 inches. Length of the spectacular sword 14 inches.