Joseph Motto (American 1889-1965) " Head of a young woman" Signed Bronze sculpture circa 1929. A similar sculpture is illustrated on page 32 of The Cleveland Museum of Art Exhibition Catalogue of Joseph Motto of an example belonging to Mary Motto Robertson.
Dimensions: Total height 10&1/2  inches, width 6 inches. Height of marble 2 inches

Hans Kongrle(Danish, early 20th Century) signed, spelter
Dimensions: 6&3/4in high

Carl Kauba (Austrian 1865-1922) "Judith". Bronze sculpture on marble base. The bronze is signed C.Thenn and has a copyright seal for Thenn Austria . We have had  this sculpture signed by C. Kauba. Note: Carl Kauba and Karl Thenn are the same person. Well detailed Austrian Vienna bronze with  an acid patina to the body parts and red brown clothing and a dark green/black/brown base.
Dimensions: Total height 10 inches.
Joseph Motto (American 1889-1965) "Adolescence" Bronze sculpture exhibited in1930 at The Cleveland Museum of Art. Signed and stamped made in Austria wi th numbers 10119
Dimensions : Total height 16 inches, height of marble 2 inches
Johann Philipp Ferdinand (Fritz) Preiss (German, 1882 -1943) "Coy" Gilt
bronze on marble dish, circa 1930. Signed in the bronze .

Dimensions:Total height 9 inches, diameter of marble dish 11 inches
Vienna bronze circa 1910 of "Athena". Light acid brown patina on dark green and grey marble base
Dimensions: Total height 14 &1/2 inches
Leon Gobert (Belgian 1869-1935) A Chinese female coal miner. Circa 1904 Bronze signed and inscribed by the J.Petermann Foundry Bruxelles
Dimensions: Total height 10&1/2 inches by 13&1/4 inches in length by 4 &1/2 inches wide.
Paul Ludwig Kowalczewski (German 1865-1910)  The Seduction of Danae . Unsigned bronze sculpture without a base.
Dimensions: Width 11 inches by7 &1/2 inches in height by 7 &1/4 inches in depth.
Julius Gyula Maugsh (Hungarian 1882 -1946)"Awakening", signed bronze on marble base
Dimensions: 15 inches high
Karoly Szekely (Hungarian 1882-1942)" Toilete de Venus", signed and dated 1931, bronze on pink marble base
Dimensions: height of bronze 15 1/2  inches and height of marble base 3 inches
Karel Dvorak (Czech 1893-1950) "Reclining Nude" Signed bronze dated 1938
Dimensions: Length 13&1/2 inches by 8&1/2 inches in height
Mary Durasova-Kopfova (Mary Duras)(Austrian 1898-1982)"Two Girls", work # 67, unsigned bronze completed in 1932
Dimensions: Height 10&1/2 inches by12&1/2 inches in with by 9 &1/2 inches in depth
Jan Znoj (Czech 1905 -1950) Gilt Bronze aviation sculpture signed , dedicated and with  stamp for K.Bartak Foundry , Praha 11
Dimensions: 19&1/2 inches high
Circa 1851 bronze sculpture of Lucretia with foundry signature for Thiebaut Frères. Cast Second half of the 19th century.
Victor Thiébaut established a foundry devoted to works of art in 1851. At the beginning, they cast raw bronzes that they gave to Barbedienne or other founders to finish. Then Victor Thiébaut went into patrnership with various famous sculptors: David d'Angers, Carpeaux, Falguière, Carrier-Belleuse, Paul Dubois or Pradier.  In 1898, Rodin signed a contract with this company regarding the casting of two of his works in different sizes: /Saint John the Baptist /and /Triumphant youth/. In 1901, Victor Thiébaut sold the firm to Gasne and retired.
Dimensions: Height 12 inches by 15 &1/2 inches in length by 6 inches in width.
Illegibly signed (Prokop?) impressionist Czech bronze sculpture circa 1920 of a young woman arranging her hair.
Dimensions:Total height 10&1/2 inches
Marcel Kleine (German 1884- ) A bronze nude with black patination and highlights of gilding to the hairband . This signed bronze is also marked Weimar on the base . Weimar culture flourished between 1918 and 1933 and this bronze cast would have been completed during this period; see ref , Wiemar was considered the  most  important German  movement (including both Arts and Sciences).
Dimensions: Total height 14 inches (Height of base alone 1.5 inches)
Antonin Stejskal (Czech 1907-1983)  "Contemplative Fencer", signed bronze
Dimensions : Total height 20&3/4 inches
Josep Llimona i Bruguera (Spanish 1864-1934)"Serenity"1895-1909 Signed bronze with  Barcelona foundry inscription on variegated marble base.
Dimensions: Total height 19 inches, height of bronze alone 15 inches, width 12 inches
Rudolf Hlavica (Czech, 1897-1971), "Aurora", signed with Franta Anyz Foundry inscription, bronze
Dimensions:14 inches high
Vincenzo Aurisicchio (Italian,1855-1926)," Nude Flower Girl", signed, with Napoli foundry seal, bronze
Dimensions: 13 & 3/4 inches high
Arnold Kramer (German, 1863-1918) signed bronze
Dimensions : 60 inches high
Phillipe Poitevin ( French, 1831-1907), signed, Carrara marble
Dimensions: 22inches high by 17 inches wide by 1& 1/8 inches thick
Fritz Storck (Romanian 1872-1942) "Dance of the Nymphs", signed bronze, dated 1922, foundry inscription for .V.V.Rascanu, Bucharest
Dimensions: Height 6&1/2 inches by 5 inches wide
Adolph Joseph Pohl (Austrian 1872-?) Pensive Nude"signed and marked Austria , bronze on marble base,
Dimensions: height of bronze 7 inches and height of marble base 3 1/2  inches
Dante Zoi (Italian, circa 1900) carrara marble, signed
Dimensions: 20 inches high
Jean Louis Gregoire ( French, 1840-1890) signed bronze on rouge marble base
Dimensions: 21& 1/4 inches high
Carl Fiala (Austrian)" Jesus and Mary", signed and inscribed Wein ( Vienna), black patinaed bronze with gilt highlights
Dimensions:22 inches high
Josef Lorenzl (Austrian, 1892-1950), "Scarf Dancer", Signed polychrome bronze on onyx base with traces of enameled floral decoration by Crejo.
Dimensions: 14&3/4 inches high
Bruno Zach/Franz Mazura (Vienna bronze sculptor circa 1920).  A cold painted bronze semi- nude art deco hoop dancer with her cap and skirt heightened with light blue,silver,olive green  polychromy, signed and very likely a cast from Argentor Wein foundry circa 1920 on an onyx platform base. The same sculpture exists signed by Bruno Zach. It is a possibility that both artists are one and the same.
Dimensions: Total height 10&3/4 inches.
After Giambologna (Italian 1529 -1608) "Fortuna", 19th century bronze (possibly Italian cast), unsigned, holding a cornucopia full of coins
Dimensions: Total height 35&1/2 inches
W.Lachner (Austrian) . A bronze Art Nouveau lamp and working clock Circa 1910 signed W.Lachner with a Latin inscription  "UT CUSPIS SIC VITA FLUIT  DUM STARE VIDETOR" .The bronze clock with two  Art Nouveau female figures standing beneath a tree like form enclosing a lamp that illuminates  a recessed clock movement with gilded hands and numbers The bronze edges and surface covered with leaves and branches.
Dimensions: Height 12&1/2 inches by 7 inches in width by 4&1/2 inches in depth.
Vienna Bronze inkwell circa 1910. An octopus with tentacles resting on an elaborate sea blue glass surface simulating a rocky pool .The octopus opens to reveal an inkwell .Opposite the octopus is a sleeping mermaid with trailing hair, her tail resting in a pen tray . The reverse of the bronze stamped GESCHUTZT
Dimensions: Length 9 inches by 8 inches in width by 2 inches in height

Amedeo Gennarelli (Italian Early 20th century) "The Carrier Pigeon" Silvered bronze sculpture on black Belgian marble base Circa 1920
Dimensions: Total height 33 &3/4 inches,.Height of bronze alone 22 &1/2 inches by 14 &3/4 inches in width
Nelly Preusser (German 1843- ?) "Tanzarin" A bronze sculpture of a  dancer signed and dated 1929 on a verde antico octagonal marble base. (The stylized pose is reminiscent of the work of Georg Kolbe.
Dimensions: Total height 13 &1/2 inches.
Johann Philipp Ferdinand (Fritz) Preiss (German, 1882 -1943) "Summers
  Day" Silvered bronze with brown heightening to the hair, unsigned, circa
Dimensions:Total height 19&1/2 inches
V.Lexa  (Czech circa 1930) Bronze sculpture of an erotic female dominatrix  fencer in a tight dress exposing her breast. Acid patina with cold painted dress
Dimensions: Total height 17 inches.


Adolfo Cipriani ( Italian circa 1880 ) A large Italian carved alabaster figure of an  orientalist bedlah-style half-nude exotic harem beauty, reclining on a chaise longe, her scantily fitting costume adorned with hanging coins - on rectangular plinth signed A Cipriani.
Dimensions: height 19& 1/2inches by 18 1/2inches in length
Alfred Willhelm Brandel (Austrian 1885-1973)"Brunnen Mit Drei Tanzenden Madchen" (Fountain of theThree Dancing Women) Bronze , signed,A.Brandel,fec and with Made in Germany (this dates fountain to 1934-1943, most likely before 1939), bronze and marble, fully working with 8 water jets Alfred Brandel was trained under the sculptors Hugo Lederer and Otto Scheer, as well as under Eugene Barilot in Paris. Subsequently he lived in Berlin, where he married in 1936. In 1946 he moved into the Villa Blumenthal near Bad Ischl, where he lived until his death in 1973. Brandel executed primarily figures. He experimented with different patinations and the combination of various materials.
Dimensions: Total height 50 inches Total width 20 inches,  heights of 3 figures, 13 to 15 inches, height of Lionhead 3 footed base with octaganol marble top 26 inches, height of fountain and figures alone 24 inches
Jean Jacques Pradier(French 1792-1852)"Pandora" 19th century finely cast unsigned bronze
Dimensions Height 16&1/4 inches