Lajos Schvarcsuk (Hungarian early 20 th century) Marble bust of Christ  signed and dated and dated 1933 Pesterzsebet
Dimensions: Total height 13 inches. Height of base alone 4&3/4 inches
Dorothea Greenbaum (American, 1893-1986) "Nude Torso", signed, cast stone
Dimensions: 18in high
Heinz Muller (German, born 1872), "The Fencer", signed, bronze
Dimensions: 21&1/2in high
Paul Ludwig Kowalczewski (German 1865-1910)  The Seduction of Danae . Unsigned bronze sculpture without a base.
Dimensions: Width 11 inches by7 &1/2 inches in height by 7 &1/4 inches in depth.
German or Austrian circa 1919 bronze sculpture of muscular semi-nude male in a loin cloth hurling a rock, possibly portraying Samson or Hercules.
High quality cast on a striated back marble base. Antique green/ brown patina.
Dimensions: Height 10 &1/4 inches


Rochette and Parzini.  Italian stone masons and modelers from New York in 1920's &1930's. The modernist life size bronze bust is possibly from 1939 Worlds Fair. Signed and numbered 4,with foundry marks for Roman Bronze Works New York
Dimensions: Length 15 Inches by 14 &1/2 inches in height
Stanislav Zadrazil (Czech 1931-2003) "Meditation" Signed bronze sculpture dated 1965
Dimensions: Height 6 inches
J.Witter (Belgian 1930's) Bronze female Nubian mask sculpture signed on a Belgian marble base.
Dimensions: Total height 8&1/2 inches, Height of bronze alone is 7 inches.


Hans Kongrle(Danish, early 20th Century) signed, spelter
Dimensions: 6&3/4in high
G. Herrmann (German, early 20th century), signed and dated 1919, marble
Dimensions: 23 inches high
Cesare Lapini (Italian,1848-1893) Century),"Iris", signed, alabaster
Dimensions: 12in high

Pierre Charles Lenoir (French, 1870-1953) "Le Flambeau", signed, bronze
Dimensions: 40in high
Jeno Kerenyi (Hungarian 1908-1975) "Captive", bronze signed and dated
Dimensions: Total height 17&3/4
inches, including 3&1/2 inch marble base
Czech lost wax cast circa 1907 of Jesus, bronze
Dimensions:Height 17&3/4 inches
Laszlo Janos Beszedes (Hungarian 1874 -1922 ),"Whisky Thoughts", signed bronze circa 1900
Dimensions :17&3/4 inches high
Gyula Sashegyi (Hungarian 1879-1966) " Marton Lendvay " bronze portrait sculpture of the actor circa 1910 signed.
Dimensions: Total height 14&1/2 inches
Laszlo Janos Beszedes (Hungarian 1874 -1922 ),"Joseph the Slave of Arimathea", Circa 1908, signed, bronze  
Dimensions: 20 inches high
Imre Szebenyi (Hungarian 1923-1983) A little girl being inspected by a goose. Bronze sculpture signed. 
Dimensions: Total height 11 inches by 9 inches in length
Vienna bronze of a skull resting on an open book, crack to onyx base, circa 1910
Dimensions: Total height 4 inches.
Bernado Balestrieri (Italian 1884-?) "Bimbo". Bronze bust of a child on marble base, signed, circa 1925.
Dimensions Total height 6 &1/2 inches by 6 &1/2 inches in width
Istvan Halmagyi (Hungarian 1920's) "Bather" signed and dated 1926 marble sculpture.
Dimensions: Height 14 inches by 13 inches in length by 8&1/2 inches in width

Otakar Spaniel (Czech 1881 -1955) "Dancers" Signed bronze with Franta Anyz foundry stamp
Dimensions:Total height 13&1/2 inches
Louis Tuaillon (German 1862-1919) "Hercules wrestling the Erymanthian Boar". Early circa 1901 bronze sculpture from the plaster sketch. Similar versions in The Kunsthale Museum Bremen and in The Darmstadt Museum for the life size version that stands today in the Lutzowplatz Berlin.
Signed and with foundry marks for Martin & Piltzing Berlin, the first foundry to cast this sculpture in bronze.
Dimensions: Total height 19&1/4 inches by 16 inches in length by 7&1/2 inches in width
Jaroslav Horejc (Czech, 1886-1983)"Olympia" .Signed and titled unique wood sculpture, circa 1930.
Dimensions: Height 12 inches
A circa 1910 Vienna bronze polychromed sculpture of Andromeda chained to a rock base, no visible signature but highly likely to be by Carl Kauba
Dimensions: Total height 14 inches.
Vilim Amort (Czech 1864 -1913) An amusing bronze of a naked girl holding a hoop, at her feet a grotesque half man, half scorpion clings to a rock in a tortured pose. Signed and with the K.Bartak foundry inscription. Circa 1910
Dimensions: Total height 20&1/2 inches.
Benedikt (Czech early 20th century)"Invocation" Bronze nude signed and dated 1920 on turned wood sockle
Dimensions: Total height 10&1/2 inches, Height of bronze alone 8&1/2
Austrian ? circa 1910 bronze,  expressive muscular male figure, possibly a paper weight .(marble base cracked and restored- hardly visible)
Dimensions: Length 9&1/2 inches.
Czech School 1930's. A carved fruit-wood unsigned sculpture of a female tennis player about to play a backhand shot.
Dimensions: Total height 20 &1/2 inches
Cyril Zatloukal (Czech 1894-?) Circa 1930 social realist bronze sculpture of a worker with a flat cap holding a scythe and a railway hammer, depicting agriculture and industry.  The signed bronze has a foundry mark for K.Bartak Praha. The bronze is set on a rouge marble base.
Dimensions: Total height is 20&1/2 inches. Height of marble base alone is 2 inches.