Unsigned (German/Austrian Circa 1910 )"Bather", bronze
Dimensions: 23 inches high by 11 inches wide
Oskar Thiede (Austrian 1879 -1961)"The squall" signed bronze on marble base, Circa 1915
Dimensions:Total height 12&1/4 inches
Arnold Kramer (German, 1863-1918) signed bronze
Dimensions : 60 inches high
Antonin Lhotak (Czech 1897- )  "Tragedy and Comedy" A silvered bronze architectural sculptural element  circa 1920
Dimensions: Height 7 inches by 9 inches in length

Francois Mage (French - died 1910) Cold painted 19th century bronze goddess symbolizing literature and learning on a Belgian black marble base.Mage was a pupil of Francois Rude and he exhibited in the 1860's-1875 in the Paris Salons. Signed in the bronze.
Dimensions: Total height 12& 3/4 inches.
Josef Vaclav Myslbek (Czech 1828-1922) "Music 4th Draft" Bronze. Early maquette circa 1895 cast from an original studio plaster with incised Bartak Praha 11 foundry mark.
Dimensions: Height 26&1/2 inches
Josef Kubicek (Czech 1890 -?) carved wood sculpture of a young woman initialed JK (19) 37.
Dimensions: Total height 40 &1/2 inches. Height of figure alone 31 inches
Zoltan Olcsai-Kiss (Hungarian 1895-1981) Iron sculpture group in the Socialist Realism mode circa 1940
Dimensions: Total height 8 inches by 8&1/2 inches in length. Height of marble alone is1 inch.


Viennese vase circa 1910
Dimensions: 7in high

Austrian circa 1910, bronze
Dimensions: 6&1/2in long
French, circa 1930, Deep etched glass vase, unsigned
Dimensions: 7&1/4in high
Janos Kopitz (Hungarian 1872-1944) "AZ ELIVOTT HETIBER" (Drinking Away the Weekly Wages") signed bronze sculpture cast circa 1910
Dimensions: 25 inches in height by 21 inches in width by 16 inches in depth
Czech Iron Art Deco sculpture of a bathing beauty. Iron art deco sculpture signed CKD, circa 1930.  Českomoravská–Kolben–Daněk – ČKD was established in 1927 by merging with První českomoravská továrna to stroje Breitfeld-Daněk in Prague .
Dimensions:Total height 13 inches.
Jan Stursa (Czech, 1880 -1925) A painted plaster figure of the poet Karel Hlavacek from 1909, signed. Dimensions: Total height 14 inches by 7 inches in width by 7 inches in depth.
Jan Stursa (Czech, 1880 -1925) A painted plaster head of the Czech actor Eduard Vojan, signed and dated 1919, also inscribed Vojan . Possibly from the artists atelier.
Dimensions: Total height 16&1/2 inches.
Hans Retzbach (German, 1887-1976) bronze sculpture on striated marble base, circa 1933. The bronze steel worker stands atop a model of a working foundry works. The sculpture was give as a gift to Dr h.c.Heinrich Kohler 1878-1949, Finance Minister of Germany on his 70th birthday in 1948. He was replaced by the German Government in 1933 and was only allowed to resume his duties at the end of the second world war. The sculpture is unsigned but has the foundry stamp for WMF Geislingen . Dimensions:Total height 28 inches, height of base alone 3 inches.

Victor Heinrich Seifert (German, 1870-1953) "Der Faun" A circa 1900 bronze sculpture of "Der Faun", after a poem of the same title by A.Von Hardenstein that was illustrated  by A Schwarz  in 1897 or 1899.
Dimensions: Length 15 &1/2 inches by 9 &1/2  inches in height by 11 inches in width.
Emil Schwantner  (Czech 1890 - 1956). Emil Schwantner was a student of Professor Josef Václav Myslbek. Bronze panther cast by Bartak foundry, Prague circa 1903 with brown/green patination.
Dimensions: Length 13 & 1/2 inches by 8 inches in height.
Colin Webster-Watson (New Zealand Contemporary)"The Gossip", signed and dated '69 and numbered 3/6.
Dimensions : Height 11 inches by 10 inches in width
Attributed to : Joseph Maria Olbrich (German 1867-1908) Apparently
A Monumental silvered pewter adjustable counter top mirror circa 1902, Secessionist mirror possibly designed for a department store.The
architecturally designed mirror incorporating design elements of the
rose similar to Eduard Hueck pewter , female heads similar to the portico of the Secession building of 1908 and splayed feet similar to design elements of the Tietz department store in Dusseldorf. The Geometric variant of art nouveau preferred in Austria is characterized by clear and predominately symmetrical structures and spaces, precise axes and well -organized spacial structuring .This influence mixed with his elaborate floral ornamentation shows a strong influence of his style.

Dimensions: Height 27 inches by 20 inches in width by 5&1/2 inches
Deep, with original double beveled mirror
Josef  Wagner ( Czech 1901- 1957)   Life size signed portrait bust of "Bedrich Smetana" in bronze. Cast circa 1930 with foundry marks for K.Bartak  Praha and set on a rouge marble base
Dimensions: Total height 15 inches
Frantisek Rous (Czech 1872-1936)"Jan Zizka of Troconov" Signed bronze
Dimensions: Total height 6&3/4 inches by 5&3/4  inches in length
Hungarian circa 1960 unsigned abstract moderne bronze chess piece of a rook on a garnite base. Dimensions: Total height 33 inches. Height of granite base alone 4 inches.

Ferdinand Liebermann (1883-1941) German circa 1919 bronze sculpture of a nude Amazonian nude woman with her bulldog. The sculpture unsigned but is fitted to a purpose carved wood base by the artist that has initials FL. This is possibly a sketch for a larger bronze
Dimensions: Height 13 &1/2 inches
Adolf Wagner (German, 1884-1962) " Goal-Keeper", signed, bronze Dimensions: 17 & 1/2 inches high
Italian/American circa 1900 cire perdu artistic bronze portrait bust of an African American woman. Signed illegibly and set on a wooden base
Dimensions : Total height 9 inches.
Julius Schmidt-Felling (German 1895-1930) An Industrial  / WPA depiction of a worker holding plans and a large wrench, signed, in bronze.At his feet a large gear and a drive shaft set on a varigated black marble base.
Total height 20&1/2 inches
Guglielmo Pugi ( Italian 1890's) Alabaster bust, signed
Dimensions: 12 inches high and 12& 1/2 inches long
Unsigned (American? Art Deco / Art Moderne Circa 1935)" Corpus" A bronze corpus mounted on a black painted metal crucifix affixed to a bronze crucifix back plate
Dimensions:Total height 22 inches high by 18 inches wide
Aldo Bartelletty, ( French / Italian 1898-1976) . Unique Carrara  marble bust  of Ludwig Van Beethoven Signed and dated.1944. Exhibitor at the Salon des Independants and the Societe des Artistes Francais from 1920onwards. Honorable mention in 1924 and 1941.
Dimensions: Total height 11&3/4 inches. Width of marble  8&1/4 inches. Height of marble base 3&1/2 inches
Czech School Circa 1930"Torso" Unsigned bronze torso on circular marble base
Dimensions:Height 10&1/2 inches
Carl Kauba (Austrian 1865-1922) "Ajax ". Vienna Bronze sculpture of Ajax from  Homer's Iliad. Superbly executed bronze cast in a antique brown patina of a majestic Ajax, surrounded by his weapons of war, seated on an intricate striated black marble base (engraved with the title Ajax).
Dimensions: Height 12 &1/4 inches