A 1930's Austrian Stylized dancer by Rätb, signed in the bronze
Dimensions: Total height 9&1/2 inches, height of marble alone 1&1/2 inches
Franz Xaviar Bergman (Vienna, Austria1865- 1953)  "Just Fur You" The sculpture comes into two versions; one movable version that is not so rare, and the present version which is the very rare and extremely hard to find  mechanical model. By moving the bow in her hair a latch releases the coat - which springs open, revealing a nude lady , conducting the worlds oldest profession. This sculpture (circa 1910) is signed Austria, and is in original working condition and has the original multi-colored polychrome patination. 
Dimensions: Total height 8 &1/2 inches.

Hugo Uher German 1882 - ? Unsigned circa 1920 brown patinated bronze "Speed Skater" set on a mottled white marble base.
Dimensions: Length 7 & 3/4 inches by 5 &1/2 inches in height.


Bretislav Benda (Czech 1897-1983) "The Temptation". An early monumental allegorical figure circa 1921 green /brown patinated bronze sculpture of a nude female figure with her right index finger in a beckoning position while she holds an apple as she stands on the shoulders of a crouching devil.  Her right arm supports a hovering angel aloft on her shoulder.Signed with the monogram BB
Dimensions: Total height including the base is 28 &1/4 inches, height of octagonal marble base alone is 2&3/4 inches.

Gustav Gurschner (Austrian 1873-1971) A bronze signed lamp base of nine jugendstil amorini climbing the lamp. The lower bronze portion also marked made in Austria
Dimensions: Height of bronze sculpture and base 18 & 1/2 inches,
Total height including lighting assembly 30 inches

A carved walnut relief memorial sculpture to a German First World War flying ace Herbert Mausz "Am 8 August an der Somme verschollen nach sie gr eichem luetkampf " (Herbert Mausz lost on the morning of the 8 th of August after a victorious air combat over the Somme. )The sculpture dates to 1916. Signed lower right GG, possibly Gustav Gurschner (Austrian 1873-1971)
Dimensions: Height 22 inches by 12 inches in wifth by 5 inches in depth
Eugène Marioton (French 1854-1933) “Femme Jouant de la Double-Flute.” Bronze signed sculpture circa 1890.
Dimensions: Height 32 inches by 16&1/2 inches in width, diameter of base 6&3/4 inches.
Hanus Folkmann (Czech 1876-1936) A monumental twice life size allegorical male nude.Signed and dated also with foundry marks for BT . Srpek of  Brandeis an der Elbe Bohemia, but now the Czech Republic. Hanus Folkmann and Stanislav Sucharda (1866-1916) created the sculptures for the main railway station in Prague from 1901 to 1909. The bronze is signed and dated 1909.
Dimensions : Height 53 inches by length 50 inches by width 23 inches

A life size early 20th Century (1910 - 1936) German Expressionist nude study in bronze.Unsigned, possibly by Fritz Klimsch (1870-1960)
Dimensions: Total height 68&1/2 inches, height of marble base alone 2&1/2 inches
Lajos Gacs (Hungarian 1905-1981) A signed bronze male bust of a sports figure? circa 1930 on an onyx base.
Dimensions: Total height 11&1/2 inches, height of marble base alone 3 inches
Franz Mazura (Vienna bronze sculptor circa 1920) A bronze group of 4 herons in naturalistic polychrome, signed and with the foundry seal for Argentor Wein on an onyx platform base.
Dimensions: Total height 7 &3/4 inches by 11 inches in length, height of onyx base alone 2 inches.
Vienna bronze nude of young woman caressing her breast circa 1930 on a stepped marble base, unsigned.
Dimensions: Total height 12&1/4 inches. Height of bronze alone 9&3/4 inches
Géza Hiesz Szentesi (Hungarian1896-1975) Bronze sculpture signed and dated 1920.
Dimensions: Height 23 inches by 15 inches in width, Diameter of base 8&3/4 inches

Jan Vitezslav Dusek (Czech 1891-1966) 'Sokol Athlete" Historically important bronze sculpture.  Signed, dated 1924, and with the city of Tabor inscribed, also bearing the foundry marks for Franta Anyz. This sculpture commemorates the Sokol athletic meeting of 1924 in the city of Tabor, Dusek's home town and where he built his studio in 1922.  Sokol is the Czech word for Falcon, inspiring the present bronze --showing an athlete about to soar from the top step of a podium. Dusek, the city of Tabor's  favored sculptor, created this sculpture for the event. Sokol was founded in 1862 and played an important part in the development of Czech Nationalism by providing a forum for the spread of mass-based nationalist ideologies. The Sokol movement consciously traced its roots in physical education to the athletes and warriors of ancient Greece. In 1926 this sculpture was exhibited at the XV. Esposizione Internationale d'Arte della Città di Venezia , exhibit  number 1077.
Dimensions: Total height 41inches  by 32 inches in width
Jan Vitezslav Dusek (Czech 1891-1966) "Hercules" Monumental bronze sculpture circa 1925 signed and with foundry marks for Franta Anyz. Dusek studied in Vienna in 1914 and in the early 1920's at the Academie de la grand Chaumiere Paris. He also studied with Emile Antoine Bourdelle in Paris before returning to Prague in 1924. Art competitions were held as part of the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany. Medals were awarded in five categories, architecture, literature, music, painting, and sculpture , for works inspired by sport-related themes. Jan Vitezslav Dusek chose perhaps his most iconic work the present sculpture of  “Hercules” for consideration in this prestigious competition.  In 1936 this sculpture was exhibited at the Berlin Olympics exhibit number 864. There are 3 photos in existence of this "Hercules" sculpture during the period when it was exhibited at the 1936 Olympics and was photographed there by Dusek's lifelong friend, Czech photographer Josef Jindrich. (Both Dusek and Jindrich attended the Berlin Olympics in 1936).  A link is included below to the web page where the three 1936 photos of Hercules at the Berlin Exhibition can be viewed . Dimensions:Total height 44 inches, by 19 inches in length, by 6 &1/2 inches in width
Bruno Zach (German, 1891-1935)circa 1920,(unsigned)""Streetlamp" bronze with signed Sabino glass shade
Dimensions: 27 inches high
Bruno Zach (German, 1891-1935) "Miner" Circa 1920 bronze sculpture with foundry marks for Argentor Wein and with a plaque, again marked with Argentor foundry and THUSS sculp (A similar sculpture is illustrated on page 62 of the Argentor foundry catalog of 1928 signed Bruno Zach
Dimensions: Total height 15 inches. Height of onyx base 2 inches.
Bruno Zach (German, 1891-1935) "Sleigh Logger" Unsigned bronze on marble base circa 1920
Dimensions:Total length 13 inches by 7&3/4 inches in height

K.Salat. (Austrian pseudonym for Bruno Zach 1891-1945) "Exotic Dancer". High quality Vienna bronze cast circa 1925 of a scantily dressed lady in stockings, high heeled shoes, bloomers and a pom - pom decorated chemise night dress -- dancing in reckless abandon. Her hair is decorated with an over-sized bow and pom-poms. This sculpture has a 2 color acid patina and gold painted highlights. (Several signed bronze Bruno Zach sculptures can alternatively be found in the same model with versions signed K.Salat -- especially orientalist inspired erotica.)
Signed SALAT in the bronze, stamped Austria and set on dark variegated green/black marble columnar base.
Dimensions: Total height 17 &1/4 inches
Bruno Zach (Austrian, 1891-1945) Unsigned Circa 1915 "Rock Movers", bronze on granite base, German, Austrian or possibly Italian
Dimensions: Total height 10 &1/4 inches by 14 inches in width. Height of granite base alone 3 inches
Josef Josephu (Austrian /American 1889-1970) "The Satyres
Chair", bronze, signed and dated 1919 - 1922 ,Foundry marks for Argentor Wein.
A similar sculpture is illustrated page 81 of the Argentor foundry catalog of 1928
Dimensions: Length 8&1/2 inches by 9&1/2 inches in height
Expressionist Bronze Corpus, possibly German, Circa 1930
Dimensions: Height 22 inches by 15 inches in width
Franz Siefert (Austrian 1866-1951) “The Counter Punch” Bronze sculpture on marble base, 1921
Dimensions. Height 16&3/4 inches.
Sandor Mateka (Hungarian 1890-?) bust of Christ on wood base in the Expressionist style. Signed and dated 1929 (Two small losses to the crown of thorns).
Dimensions: Total height 13&1/2 inches. Height of base alone4 &1/2 inches (losses to corners)
Czech School Circa 1910 :Bronze unsigned group ,showing the elements of leaving and despair
Dimensions:Length 7&3/4 inches by 5& 3/4 inches in height