Victor Heinrich Seifert (German, 1870-1953) "Der Faun" A circa 1900 bronze sculpture of "Der Faun", after a poem of the same title by A.Von Hardenstein that was illustrated  by A Schwarz  in 1897 or 1899.
Dimensions: Length 15 &1/2 inches by 9 &1/2  inches in height by 11 inches in width.
Leon Pilet,(French 1840-1916) "Diana", Signed bronze on Belgian marble base
Dimensions: Total height 23 inches by 19&1/2 inches in length. Height of the base alone is 3&1/2 inches
Vienna bronze of bear cold painted medium brown with black highlights.  Grizzly bear circa 1910 mounted on a striated reddish and white later marble base.
Dimensions: Bronze length 7 inches by a height of 4 &1/2 inches.
Adolfo Cipriani ( Italian circa 1880 ) A large Italian carved alabaster figure of an  orientalist bedlah-style half-nude exotic harem beauty, reclining on a chaise longe, her scantily fitting costume adorned with hanging coins - on rectangular plinth signed A Cipriani.
Dimensions: height 19& 1/2inches by 18 1/2inches in length

Francois Mage (French - died 1910) Cold painted 19th century bronze goddess symbolizing literature and learning on a Belgian black marble base.Mage was a pupil of Francois Rude and he exhibited in the 1860's-1875 in the Paris Salons. Signed in the bronze.
Dimensions: Total height 12& 3/4 inches.
Augustin Edme Moreau-Vauthier / (attributed ) / (French 1831-1893)
"Hermes" A superbly modeled and cast unsigned bronze sculpture of the
son of Zeus circa 1880 on an octagonal  marble   base
Dimensions: Total height 13&1/4 inches
"Mercury" After Giambologna (Italian,1529 -1608). A major sized table model and a late 19th century French bronze on Belgian marble base .Foundry seal for Barbedienne and Collas reduction. Circa 1880 Paris cast.
Dimensions: Total height 40 inches.
Jean R.Bulio (French 1827-1911) "Jesus Christ " A fine Societe des Bronze cast .Mid brown patination . Signed and with foundry inscription
Dimensions: Total height  11&1/2 inches
Jules Moigniez (French 1835-1894) "Two Dachshunds Hunting", bronze, signed.( Illustrated page 211 Animals in Bronze by Christopher Payne 1986.)
Dimensions: Height 7&1/2 inches by 11 inches in width by 5 inches in depth.
Unsigned French 19th century bronze of a hunting dog
Dimensions:Length 8&1/2 inches by 3&3/4 inches in height
Austrian circa 1900 unsigned good quality blackamoor planter
Dimensions: Height 7 inches by 12 inches in length by 4 inches in depth
"Lion Attacking Boar", bronze
Dimensions: 6 and 3/4in long
German 19th Century bronze group of Sapho and her attendant, possibly designed as a centerpiece
Dimensions: Length  27&1/2 inches 12&1/2 inches in height by 6 &1/2 inches in width
Giuseppe Grandi (Italian 1848-1894) "Cesare Beccaria", Bronze,titled,
Circa 1870. (Illustrated page 554 Italian sculptors by Vicario)

Dimensions:Total height 18&3/4 inches.
Charles Rochet (French 1819-1900) "Raphael Enfant" ( Raphael as a child) . A unique Carrara marble sculpture signed and inscribed "Raphael Enfant" dated 1880
In the courtyard of Notre Dame is a rolex replica watches statue of Charles the Great, aka Charlemagne. The inscription reads "Charlemagne et Ses Leydes", which in classical roman lettering is "Charlemagne et Ses Leudes", or Charlemagne and his servants. The statue was created in 1886 by both Louis and fake rolex Charles Rochet (Both brothers worked on the Charlemagne sculpture.)
Dimensions: 24 & 1/2 inches high
Vienna bronze circa 1910 of "Athena". Light acid brown patina on dark green and grey marble base
Dimensions: Total height 14 &1/2 inches
Franz Bergman (Austrian circa 1880) .Art Nouveau Inkwell with two naked sea nymphs.Bronze Signed 䠷ithin an urn twice and stamped GESCHUTZT and numbered 5301 also with original ceramic inkwell..
Dimensions Height 7 omega replica inches by 9 &3/4 inches wide by 6 inches in depth
Eugène Marioton (French 1854-1933) 孭e Jouant de la Double-Flute.ⲯnze signed sculpture circa 1890.
Dimensions: Height 32 inches by 16&1/2 inches in width, diameter of base 6&3/4 inches.
Charles Valton (French 1851-1918) "Lioness with her Cubs".bronze, signed, circa 1910 ,and with foundry seal for Jollet et Colin Cie Paris
Dimensions: 17 inches wide by 12& 1/2 inches high by 10 inches deep
Phillipe Poitevin ( French, 1831-1907), signed, Carrara marble
Dimensions: 22inches high by 17 inches wide by 1& 1/8 inches thick
Louis Gossin (French, 1846- 1928) brown patinaed bronze, signed and inscribed Charite
Dimensions: 20 & 1/2 inches high X 12 inches wide x 12 inches deep

Prosper Lecourtier (French, 1855-1924) "King Charles Spaniel , bronze
Dimensions: 7in long
"Tiger and Leopard" circa 1900, bronze
Dimensions: 8in long each
"Tiger Bookend (pair)" circa 1900, bronze on wood
Dimensions: 7in high by 8&1/2 long

Austrian (late 19th Century) " St. Schwartz" bronze on rose marble base, inscribed St. Schwartz Dimensions: 18&3/4in high
Austrian (circa 1890), "Cupid & Satyr Themometer", (Illustrated in Berman p106), unsigned, bronze Dimensions: 9in high
Alexandre Stella (French, Circa 1870), "Michelangelo with his sculpture of Moses", signed, bronze
Dimensions: 7 &1/2 inches

Francesco De Matteis ( Italian1852-1917) A rare, circa 1900, model by Neapolitan sculpor De Matteis of a young woman carrying wine vessels as she walks down a staircase in a provocative pose. De Matteis was a widely collected sculptor whose works depicted Southern Italian portrayals of daily life. Signed.
Dimensions : Height 22&1/2 inches.

Antoine-Louis Barye (French 1795-1875) " Tigre Qui Marche ", ( avec plinthe rectangulaire ) a very rare version signed BARYE, inscribed F. BARBEDIENNE FOUNDEUR, and with gold FB stamp on base. Bronze,with spectacular mid green patina over a mid brown. Cast between 1876-1889. Inscribed on the underside in ink 5596 and siu . nl ? and also stamped on the underside 44 AA. (The plaster for the model is in the Walters Art Gallery Baltimore.)
Dimensions: Height 8 &1/2 inches by 15&1/2 inches in length
Hans Muller (German 1874-1947) Bronze portrait bust of Beethoven circa 1900.
Dimensions: Total height 5 inches.
Emile Edmond Peynot (French 1850-1923) Monumental signed gilded bronze sculpture of a seated laughing cavalier raising a flask of wine as he sits on an elaborate chair
Dimensions: Total height 31&1/2 inches
Giacomo (Jacques) Merculiano (Italian, 1859-1935) " Lion", signed , bronze with Societe des Bronzes foundry Seal
Dimensions: 20 &1/2inches long by 9& 1/2 inches wide
Lambert Alex Leonard (French, 1821-1877),1st of the Pair of Partridges, signed bronze
Dimensions: 5& 3/4 inches high by 7&1/4 iches wide
Lambert Alex Leonard (French, 1821-1877),2nd of the Pair of Partridges, signed bronze
Dimensions: 7 inches high by 7&1/2 inches wide