German Circa 1900 Grand Tour bronze of Pan:Unsigned but with  Bellair Foundry Seal (Berlin).
Dimensions: Height 20 &1/2 inches by 7 &1/2 inches in width, by 5 inches in depth
Antoine-Denis Chaudet (French, 1763-1810) "Napoleon" bronze circa 1880, on rouge marble
Dimensions: 21&1/4in
Preyer( German, circa 1900), black man, seal, signed Preyer, bronze Dimensions: 3&1/2in high
Benedetto Civiletti (Italian 1846-1899) "The  Canaris brothers". Famous Greek naval heroes. Superb Chiurazzi Foundry bronze cast circa 1880. Original marble at the Via Turati entrance to the Politeama Theatre in Palermo. Konstantine Kanaris 1790-1877, Greek patriot, admiral, and politician. He distinguished himself in the Greek War of Independence, notably at Tenedos, where he destroyed in 1822 the flagship of the Turkish admiral. Kanaris served several terms as minister of the navy and as premier in 1848-49, and he became increasingly active in political life. In 1862 he was a leader in the revolution that ousted King Otto and put George I on the Greek throne.
Dimensions: Total Height 17&3/4 inches, by 13&1/2 inches in length, by 7 &1/2 inches in width

Giovan Battista Amendola (Italian 1848-1887)  Bronze life size portrait bust of  “Frederic Lord Leighton 1830-1896 ”, the English classicist p ainter and sculptor .  Lord Leighton was Amendola's mentor and close friend and the two worked on certain projects while this Italian sculptor lived in London. The maquette of this bronze is photographed in Amendola's London studio on page 43 of the artists first and only monograph "Giovan Battista Amendola Scultore" by Claudia Palazzola Olivares 1997.Signed G.B. Amendola and indistinctly dated 18??
Dimensions: Total height 21 inches by 16 inches in width




Francesco Giuseppe Thyllmani (Italian, 1862-1936) A very rare late 19th /early 20th century bronze monumental in the realist Italian school, Satyr drinking wine.  Apparently unsigned.
Dimensions: Height of bronze 32 inches by 22 inches in width by 19 inches in depth

After Claude- Michel Clodion French 1738-1814)"Bachante Aux Cymbales", (A Nymph playing cymbals) A  French cast silver figure attributed to Clodion  circa 1880.  A semi -nude Bacchante, with vine leaves in her hair  playing cymbals set on a rouge marble base . Marks for silver maker A .Lebon within a lozenge that includes another unidentified device and one other poincon mark  next to the lozenge.
Dimensions: Height of figure alone 15 inches .Total height 17 &1/2 inches

Giovan Battista Amendola ( Italian 1848-1887 ) " Maitre Musique".Possibly the last sculpture by this Italian master who died at the age of 39. A superlative bronze cast 1887 .
Dimensions: Total height 21&3/4 inches

Giovanni Battista Amendola, (Italian 1848-1887) “Pensiero Dominante“ Circa 1884, bronze signed and with illegible foundry marks.
Dimensions: Height 16 inches by 11&1/2 inches in length by 9 &1/2 inches in width

Jules Levasseur (French 1831-1888) A signed and gilded bronze of a woman posing as a model on draped base.
Dimensions: Total Height 8 &3/4 inches.

Jean Jacques Pradier(French 1792-1852)"Pandora" 19th century finely cast unsigned bronze
Dimensions Height 16&1/4 inches

Jean Jacques Pradier (French 1792-1852) bronze signed J. Pradier, "Sappho", patinaed in contrasting shades of brown , Susse Freres foundry seal
Dimensions: Height 15 &1/2 inches by 18 inches in length

Jean Jacques Pradier (French ,1792 -1852) signed Pradier " Sappho", black marble & two color patinaed gold and dark brown bronze, Susse Freres foundry seal, some gilding Dimensions: 22in high and 17&1/2in wide clock, both urns 17&1/2in high, 7&3/4in wide
Barnabas Hollo ( Hungarian,1865-1917) "The Stubborn Mule", signed, bronze on marble base
Dimensions: 17 inches high by 13 inches long, bronze alone is 15 inches high by 12 inches long
Pierre Adolph Dammouse (French 1817-?) "Wine Bacchanalia"  Pair of Bronze and marble wine coolers , each signed
Dimensions: height 11 inches by 7 inches wide each
Charles Paillet, (French, 1871-1937)"Irish Wolfhound with her Young" bronze, signed and with MD foundry seal and inscription
Dimensions: 20&1/2 inches long by 9&1/2 inches high by 7& 1/2 inches wide

Oscar Waldmann (Swiss 1856-1937) "Tiger crushing a serpent" Signed cire perdu bronze sculpture in a mid-brown patina and with incised foundry numbers.Oscar Waldmann received an honorable mention at the Exposition Universelle of 1900 for his animal sculptures -- extremely popular due to their realistic portrayal -Aclaimed by other exhibiting sculptors, including Gardet and Vibert, and by the viewing public A cast of the present bronze was exhibited also in this exhibition of 1900. The artist lived and had a studio in Paris at 80 Avenue de Maine.In the 1920s he taught the African American sculptress Nancy Elizabeth Prophet at the Ecole des Beaux -Arts and also Katherine Elizabeth Wallis of Santa Cruz California. In 1924 he exhibited a \sculpture at the Olympic games.Waldmann was a regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy in London and at many exhibitions throughout Europe. His sculptures are highly prized among animalier collectors.

Dimensions: length 13&1/2 inches by 6 inches in width by 4 &1/2 inches in height.
Friedrich Gornik ( Austrian, 1877-1943) 4 piece lion desk set, includes lamp with period opalescent Loetz shade, blotter, inkwell, & matchbox holder, all signed Gornik, bears the foundry mark AR for Arthur Rubenstein foundry, Vienna, bronze
Dimensions: Loetz shade 12& 1/2in diameter, lamp height 26in, inkwell 20in long, blotter 8&1/2in long, matchbox holder 6&1/2in wide
Silver Jewelry -box of Silver (520 g) with both pierced and graphic decoration.Innscribed Eugenie Bogen underneath with Egyptian hallmarks, second half of the 19th century.Hungarian importation mark used after 1872, E. F.maker's mark.
Dimensions: Height 3 &1/2 inches by 5 &1/2 inches wide by 4 &3/4 inches deep.

Adrien Etienne Gaudez (French, 1845-1902) Bronze allegorical figure of invention and literature listing Edison, Archimede, Hugo, Pasteur and others. Signed bronze circa 1880
Dimensions: Total height 16 inches
After Johann Heinrich von Dannecker ( German 1758-1841) A superb and monumental  Italian circa 1890 hand carved white marble group of Ariadne and the panther. Ariadne naked with a vine wreath in her hair, looking ahead and lying across the back of a panther, her elbow resting on its head and holding drapery in her hand, on a stepped  rectangular marble base
Dimensions: Total height 22 inches  by length 25 inches by width 10&1/2 inches
H.W.Janson,/ Nineteenth Century Sculpture,/ Thames and Hudson, 1985, pp. 62-3.
The present sculpture is after the celebrated work by Johann Heinrich von Dannecker (d.1841) in the State Sculpture Gallery, Frankfurt. Ariadne, daughter of the king of King Minos of Crete, having helped Theseus, whom she loved, to escape from the Labyrinth was in return abandoned by him on the island of Naxos. Bacchus rescued her, consoled her and they soon were married. The vine wreaths in Ariadne's hair allude to her union with Bacchus the God of wine, as does the panther which is often depicted drawing Bacchus's Triumphal chariot. Ariadne's Heavenward gaze may also relate to the constellation that Bacchus created when he threw her jeweled crown to the Heavens.
Austrian (19th Century) Neoclassical pair of busts, cold-pained bronze on onyx bases" Ecce Homo" & " Mater Dolorosa"
Dimensions: 9&3/4in high

19th Century After Michelangelo Buonarrotti (1475-1564) Night and Day Bronze sculptures, dark green patina, on wood bases. Both inscribed: F. Barbedienne Fondeur and with the foundry  reduction seals for Achille Collas. The life-size marbles are at the Tomb of Giuliano de Medici in the Church of San Lorenzo, Florence, Italy.
Dimensions: 20 &1/2 inches in length and 14 inches in height
19th Century After Michelangelo Buonarrotti (1475-1564) Night and Day Bronze sculptures, dark green patina, on wood bases. Both inscribed: F. Barbedienne Fondeur and with the foundry  reduction seals for Achille Collas. The life-size marbles are at the Tomb of Giuliano de Medici in the Church of San Lorenzo, Florence, Italy.
Dimensions: 20 &1/2 inches in length and 14 inches in height
19th Century After Michelangelo Buonarrotti (1475-1564) Lorenzo di Medici (after  the marble model). Founders mark of Ferdinand. Barbedienne and the seal `Reduction Mecanique - A.Collas - Brevete. Circa 1890. Dark brown patina.
Dimensions: Height 14 inches
Charlotte Monginot (French 1872-?) "Water Nymph" Art Nouveau signed bronze with parcel-gilt and mid- brown patination, foundry inscription for Louchet Paris. Circa 1900.
Dimensions: Height 14 &3/4 inches by 27 &1/2 inches in length
Ada Cipriani ( Italian, circa 1890)"Mona Lisa", carved alabaster
Dimensions: 15in high, 13&3/4in long
Leon Pilet (French 1840-1916) "Antiope" Bronze sculpture circa 1900, signed
Dimensions: Total height 16 inches.
François Joseph A. Trupheme (French,1820-1888),"Count Gabriel - Honore de Mirabeau, the Greatest Orator ", foundry mark for E.Colin & Cie Paris, signed, bronze
Dimensions: 18" h
Dante Zoi (Italian, circa 1900) carrara marble, signed
Dimensions: 20 inches high
"The Blessing" Circa 1880, possibly Italian, mounted on marble  base
Dimensions: height of hand 9 3/4 inches and height of marble base 2 inches
Jozsef Batki (Hungarian 1878-1948) Dominican Saint circa 1910 bronze sculpture signed with artists monogram
Dimensions: Height 14&3/4 inches.
"Mercury" After Giambologna (Italian,1529 -1608) late 19th century bronze ( possibly Italian cast), unsigned
Dimensions: bronze 75&1/4inches high,with marble base 9&1/2 inches high, total height 84&3/4 inches
"Harem Girl" unsigned, bronze
Dimensions: 13 inches high

Henri Michel Chapu, (French 1833-1891)"Thought" signed bronze with foundry seal for Thiebaut Freres Paris
Dimensions: height 15&1/2 inches by 10&1/4 inches width by 4 inches depth
Louis Marie Moris ( French, 1818-1883) " Spanish Dancers"2nd of the pair, signed , bronze
Dimensions: 12&1/2 inches high
Louis Marie Moris ( French, 1818-1883) " Spanish Dancers" 1st of the pair, signed , bronze  
Dimensions: 12&1/2 inches high